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To schedule an appointment for a consultation please send a warm introductory email including the required information below to


Please include:


Phone number:



Date of appointment:

Time of appointment:

Length of appointment:

References (if any):

Same day appointments are NOT accommodated for. Plan accordingly.

Information is used for verification and safety purposes alone. It is kept entirely confidential.


  1. Occupation field needs LinkedIn profile, work ID, or description of company role and title

  2. Location denotes place of meeting--I host in the East Bay or can meet anywhere from East Bay to SF with your reservation / local private residence

  3. Length denotes duration of meeting

  4. References are preferably two of your prior contacts including current email address and website

Very much obliged to the readers among you!

I accept screened individuals of all ethnicities, gender identities, abilities, religions, and sexual orientations

Success! Message received.

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