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Celine Grove is an attractive choice for those aspirant to orgastic potency. Liberate yourself from the colorless confines of our accepted reality and come with me instead on a trip to the otherworldly. My proclivity toward Eastern thought and study of tantric practice are ideal for the seeker wishing to unlock their hidden potentialities. For a consultation send inquiries to


1000 / 1

1000 / 1.5

1000 / 2

1500 / 3

2000 / 4

3000 / 6

4000 / 16

9000 / 48

I would describe myself as a belletrist with her nose in a book. Along with studying library science I have worked in a sex library as well as a couple of bookshops. I am attracted to the formal language of many 19th-early 20th-century writers some favorites being Yeats, Jean Cocteau, Lord Dunsany, Oscar Wilde, William Blake. Through years of working in bookshops I have grown an appreciation for Middle English verse, underground comix, Chinese classics, and psychedelia.


I was born on an island and love to be whisked away to tropical locales. I am most content nearest large bodies of water. It is my luck to have laid eyes on beautiful beaches, clear waters, and reef. I greatly enjoy the smell of redwoods right along with their impressive size. Green, dense nature gets to the core of me and placates my soul.


I have a passion for motorcycles and love to be on the back of one. Others of my interests lie in the study of ancient religion, occult mysticism and divination, pinball, collecting treasures that have a history, poetry, Firebird Trans Ams, homoeroticism, and eroticism itself.

I adore union workers, men in the trades, woodworkers, antique collectors, opulent MILFs, MAPS researchers, ungovernable chemists, classic car mechanics, imaginative architects with taste, bisexual bikers, Fijian rugby players, Vietnam veterans, hairy individuals, stressed finance guys, sailors, comic artists, jewelers, rare book dealers, Go players, and more.

Based: East Bay - SF, travels widely

Dimensions: 5'4, 31-25-37, 34B, 37/7/UK4

Grooming: 1970s bush and pit hair

Age: 35 (1989)

Sign: Pisces sun, Cancer moon, Scorpio rising

Kinks (topping): CBT, chastity, sounding, watersports, pegging, impact, queening, smoking (joints only) / human ashtray, human furniture, cucking, edging / denial, ignore, domestic servitude, bootblacking

Kinks (receiving): body worship, boot worship, forced orgasm, sensory deprivation, rope, stockings, rubberwear, leatherwear

Preferences: sake (taru, nama genshu, yamahai), champagne, dirty gin martini or gibson, hazelnut milk chocolate, goat cheese, blackberries, Topo Chico, edibles, hash

Gifts: 1970s and pre-1970s S/M gear, 28x28 Redline/Selvedge Levi's 501, Shellys Ranger steel toes, shunga, harigata,  Chicago house singles, Detroit techno LPs, Grove Press originals, older edition rare erotic books, 35mm Kodak Gold 200

Florist: When choosing a bouquet try something thoughtful, fragrant, exotic, with heavy greenery. I would love a cutting of your plant in a ceramic pot or herbs to grow.

Spa: SenSpa, Kabuki Spa, Pearl Spa

Writers: Akiko Yosano, Clark Ashton Smith, Mohammed Mrabet, Phil Andros, George MacDonald, W.B. Yeats

Books: antiquarian and rare. A handsome book or piece of ephemera on an admired subject given as a gift would impress me.

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